Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

I tried to pinpoint the prediction number in ratio of population that will have lifestyle disease (listed in previous entry) by 2020, but I could not find the exact prediction for Japan. I did find on Japan Ministry of Health and Labor that there are over 10 million people have diabetes and nearly 20 million people have metabolic syndrome in 2010.

From researches I have participated and observation of Japan environment, it is no wonder that we have so many people with lifestyle disease.From physical perspective, life should be so much easier, comfortable and happy for most of Japanese.Delicious food in reasonable prices, no physical exertion is needed to stay alive.No need to be bothered from neighbors or people we do not want to associate with.But in exchange, it seems everything about life require will power.Not eating too much.Staying away from food that will be bad for us which is all around us, advertisement constantly hounding us.Exercising everyday like a training athlete.Forcing ourselves to sleep or rest when television shows, movies, Internet, SNS vies for attention.

Our physical lives may have become easy where we could select to have fit and healthy life without pain and suffering, but in exchange, our lives are about battling against ourselves to staying alive without pain and suffering, both physically and mentally.If we let ourselves slip, we have to deal with mental depression and all sorts of lifestyle diseases.The name of the game is discipline and will power against all temptations in lives.The thing is, we need all these things, social contact and food, but if we allow advertisements and laziness take over, we are easily gone, and not only that, we are at mercy of well intended professionals like doctors and counselors telling us to do things that we do not care for, and of well intended business such as bakeries and food manufacturers that appeal to our senses.

Just in the past 6 months, 3 new bakeries opened up within half a mile radius of my house.Their breads are amazing.Just in the past 1 year, new ramen place, comfortable cafe, specialty grocery store opened up within a mile radius of my home.Wonderful choices.But for the past 2 years, not a single attractive restaurant or shop that sell fresh, wholesome, healthy vegetable has opened up.It seems like simple enough thing for the government to offer incentive for these specialty shops to carry beautiful fruits and vegetable to really battle the lifestyle disease.And for the government to rent spaces within the city to create bicycle parking areas, and start offering tax breaks to citizens tho opens up walking communities and running shops.

After hearing heartbreaking stories of how lives are of people who are on medication for lifestyle diseases, how they are almost tortured to control their habits that took all their lives to develop, something that was jointly responsible of their family, educators, media and businesses.We can all take responsibility in helping peopleĀ  lead happy and satisfying lives.

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