Project without passionate integrator

Without face-to-face encounters with a passionate integrator, a project will not succeed. I am a passionate spokesman for accomodating the workplace environment to fit the way people work, and also for taking calculated risk in changing the workplace environment to stimulate the change in people’s behavior. When a company hires me for a short period of time to leverage their workplace to transform the ways people work, I have relative success when I have a counterpart within the company <span class="underline"in vicinity where frequent face-to-face encounter is possible with the people who needs to change. Without such counterpart, The opposite is inevitable. I am currently working on two projects that I am the only local passionate believer in the workplace project. Unless I am positioned in the way that I become part of the local staff, these projects are bound to fail.

Or are there any other way that will produce successful change within these companies?

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