Development of innovation

Reading Jung is hard. He will not give me a break. He is not like Joseph Campbell who learned much from Jung, offering comforting words, smooth way of acceptance. Jung forces me to scrutinize the world around me, how I perceive the world, questioning me, do you understand? Who are you? Now that you understand, so? As I toiled my way through The Essentail Jung, I have come upon the pages that forces me to think about my efforts to create workplace that would stimulate innovation.

Anyone who wants to educate must himself be educated. But the parrot-like book-learning and mechanical use of methods that is still practised today is no education either for the child or for educator…

Clearly, no one develops his personality because somebody tells him that it would be useful or advisable to do so. Nature has never yet taken by well-meaning advice. The only thing that moves nature is causal necessity, and that goes for human nature too. Without necessity nothing budges, the human personality least of all. … The developing personality obeys no caprice, no command, no insight, only brute necessity; it needs the motivating force of inner or outer fatalities. Any other development would be no better than individualism. That is why the cry of “individualism” is a cheap insult when flung at the natural development of personality.

Jung is speaking of development of an individual. At least from my experience of how I am, with my children, his statement is true. And from what I have experienced with myself as well as with close interaction with people I worked, I suspect this statement to be applicable to development of an organization. I regret to say that as far as I can think, I have never personally witnessed neither emergence nor acceptance of innovation.

I am doubtful that I have the authority to direct my clients to do anything with their workplace for innovation when I have not even seen the birth much less at what kind of workplace such birth took place. I know how communication happens, I know how I work within various spaces. I would, however, dearly like to witness the emergence of innovation as a journalist uncovers a headline news.

I am reminded of what Susan Strange was supposed to have said about scholar’s need to be a journalist. I do not consider myslef a scholar, but I have the need to be a journalist of workplace, work life to be useful to anybody.

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