Now it’s going too far the other way?

I don't think open plan in office works without having easily accessible private room or cubicle to use in need. Like everything else, it's not one size fits all.  How the workspace should be layed out depends on your job. I thought of this because recently, I have seen several article that says open plan… Continue reading Now it’s going too far the other way?

Potential of Twitter in Japan

Uchida Yoko people thought it was another one of those crazy ideas I brought in. Rather than doing Q&A after panel discussion, I proposed that we set it up so that everyone can post question or comment during panel discussion to realize audience participation. I explained that people would feel freer to express their opinion… Continue reading Potential of Twitter in Japan

Not new, but real needs of knowledge workers

The current advanced region's challenge is to match the wokplace and technologies for the workforce who are considered knowledge workers. This is to be quantified, but random interviews conducted has shown that our productivity in focused PC based knowledge activities such as reading and writing are highest in general public spaces such as cafes and… Continue reading Not new, but real needs of knowledge workers

Astrology based on changed position of sun rising

Discovering this kind of thing is just so much fun! I mean, we could point out that what astrologers say are vague and also two astrological readings on same person would contradict each other, but that kind of argument would still leave a possibility of one or more astrologers in the world might be right.… Continue reading Astrology based on changed position of sun rising