Heart of Japanese 2011

As business owners and individuals sent words of condolences and encouragement, immediately following the earthquake, I felt miserable because the words wouldn't come. I was in shock after experiencing the same earthquake in Tokyo inside a subway train, and the ominous 6 hours walk home through eerie Tokyo where nothing was broken, yet practically nothing… Continue reading Heart of Japanese 2011

Understanding Japanese Culture Through Music

Joseph Campbell talked about the role of mythology in people's lives.  It's so true.  And it seems to me music tells so much about each culture. Modern Japanese choral music performed by children at schools show so many things about Japanese culture.  Importance of harmony between people.  Working together.  The lyrics of modern choral music… Continue reading Understanding Japanese Culture Through Music

The Residence Inn, Starbucks, McDonald’s

http://www.flickr.com/photos/projectkobo/5262526291/in/photostream/ This was the longest stay for me and my family at a hotel.  For 15 nights, 16 days, we stayed at the Residence Inn in Campbell, California.  In the past, for this length of stay away from home, I would seek out short term rental of a furnished apartment, but taking past lessons about… Continue reading The Residence Inn, Starbucks, McDonald’s

Sandwich generation

Gretchen Addi and I both have older children and aging parents to take care. She said we are of sandwich generation. Our parents did not have to think much of how to die. Living long was good thing. Living long, and enjoying the fruits of life. Like most of things in our lives, things do… Continue reading Sandwich generation

Picture does not come with history

Not a special scene to a lot of people.  It's a residential complex in Yokohama Japan.  It becomes significant if you live there, or if you have some vested interest in some parts of this scene.  You might live here.  You might have built the building. I thought of how the light colors have changed… Continue reading Picture does not come with history