“The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

The lesson 2 of Positive Psychology class at the Penn State University World Campus started with these words: Did you know that the opposite of sadness is not happiness? The opposite of sadness is actually...the absence of sadness.What this means is that if you could get rid of everything that is making you sad, you… Continue reading “The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

Willful Blindness

http://embed.ted.com/talks/lang/ja/margaret_heffernan_the_dangers_of_willful_blindness.html As I listened to Margaret Heffernan's talk, I realized (1) it's easier for me to be serious than light, (2) I often choose to be willfully blind, (3) seafood sustainability issue that I am working on as a member of Packard Foundation project team is exactly this.  The team members are ordinary people.We just… Continue reading Willful Blindness

Making friend with yourself

Know thyself. It took me many, many years to know myself.I am 53, and I have just begun to know myself. Until I became a mother raising a child at age 27 everything I experienced was evaluated based on how I felt, whether it felt good for me, whether it was right for me. When… Continue reading Making friend with yourself

Learning a new language

One thing I can say for certain about being bilingual is how it enriched my life. Being able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese gives me access into Japanese and English speaking people's cultures, knowledge and opportunities. Because I did not consciously become bi-lingual, just a chance gift I received in my life,… Continue reading Learning a new language

Outliers: The Story of Success

I have a habit of re-reading the books I find I like and worthwhile over and over again. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is one of those books. Gladwell talks about how sheer time one spends doing the thing she enjoys are directly tied with achievements and success tied to that activity. The example he used… Continue reading Outliers: The Story of Success

Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

About 3 years ago, I found myself doing some SNS based PR work for my friends, and one project lead to another. It has been exciting and fun to be on this new ground, and like everything else before in my life, work came in not as result of formal education, but learning by reading… Continue reading Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

Update on affect of the great earthquake

Undercurrent would be something that Japanese over generation has been familiar with, which is surviving the natural disaster and rebuilding after great crisis. We are warned that another big earthquake is due, this time with epicenter of the quake even closer to Tokyo, but this time on the west side of it. We are still… Continue reading Update on affect of the great earthquake

Research conducted in Tokyo now

Product/service development, design research related people like ethnographers, interview moderators, recruiters, coordinators, interpreters, etc. have been keeping busy in Tokyo since latter part of last year, as overseas companies are again very interested in researching Japanese market. After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in March 11, 2011, it has of course been an interesting study… Continue reading Research conducted in Tokyo now

History is no longer created by limited few writers

Joe Paterno, former football head coach at Penn State, passed away last Sunday. Because of his position, power and influence he had over the past decade, so many people has been reacting in various ways over what has been called the biggest US college scandal and the way Penn State fired Paterno unceremoniously to handle… Continue reading History is no longer created by limited few writers

Recent Ethnography Research, Particularly of Recruitment Challanges in Japan

Over the past three years, I have become more and more concerned with the difficulty in creating highly exciting learning session for foreign inspiration/innovation seeking customers of both design companies and end user companies. It has a lot to do with recruiting process for people to research. I see following problems in recruiting, some of… Continue reading Recent Ethnography Research, Particularly of Recruitment Challanges in Japan

Identity integrity of adults and children in internet world, physical world

Having children was the best thing I have ever done. Ever since my first son was born 26 years ago, my children taught me more than anybody else I know. Living together with mother-in-law, husband and children was the next best thing. As researcher, I would always be stimulated. One of the most amazing things… Continue reading Identity integrity of adults and children in internet world, physical world

Human evolution to live out in the space

I might have written on this subject before, but the thought keeps coming back. Perhaps it deserves to be revisited again so here it goes. The earth is getting too crowded. Water supply is short, food supply is short for the current and growing population, they say. If one feels like rationing is the way… Continue reading Human evolution to live out in the space

Social Media Balance Out Traditional Media, And Japanese Responsibility Starts at The Bottom

6 weeks after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, NHK online news announced that 27,931 people are dead or missing, and over 136,000 people are still living in evacuation in extreme hardship at Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima prefectures. As the rest of Japan slowly but steadily recover from the earthquake, recovery is still far away for… Continue reading Social Media Balance Out Traditional Media, And Japanese Responsibility Starts at The Bottom