Effective Japanese – English Interpreting

People I know label me as a researcher with great language skills.But my unique and best skill that stands out above others is simultaneous interpreting, going from Japanese into English.Recently I had the opportunity to interpret for an event to learn about Japanese culture, with about 55 Japanese and 25 foreign guests.I was responsible for… Continue reading Effective Japanese – English Interpreting

Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

I tried to pinpoint the prediction number in ratio of population that will have lifestyle disease (listed in previous entry) by 2020, but I could not find the exact prediction for Japan. I did find on Japan Ministry of Health and Labor that there are over 10 million people have diabetes and nearly 20 million… Continue reading Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

Causes of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

I've been given the opportunity to interpret for two different clients in their research for lifestyle disease in Japan.It was like being paid well for attending an intense one month crash course.The topic was on lifestyle disease (called seikatsu shukan byo, life habit disease, in Japan), but it made me think of why Japanese people… Continue reading Causes of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

Choosing Science

As I studied for the Spring Semester that will begin on January 13th, 2014, I read Ivana Nikolic's "House for the Homeless: A place to Hang Your Hat" on the textbook, Field Working: Reading and Writing Research. I was fascinated with Ivana's story seen from insiders and outsider's perspectives. I related to her attitude that… Continue reading Choosing Science

Yossea Ikuta on Seafood Sustainability

Ikuta-san was on NHK (Japan equivalent of BBC in U.K.)  "Point of View, Point of Debate" program again for the 3rd time!He reminds me of Ronald Raegan. Just In 10 minutes, he perfectly describes the current seafood resource situation in Japan.Ikuta-san begins by sharing his experience of the discoveries he made of seafood sustainability activities… Continue reading Yossea Ikuta on Seafood Sustainability

What will happen if more of us work at jobs we are good at?

One of my project allowed me to recently visit Iki Island fishermen. I was interested in what they were saying and doing, but they struck me as someone very similar to my youngest son. Sturdy physical build, good at work that requires intense focus both mentally and physically. I kept on thinking, my son would… Continue reading What will happen if more of us work at jobs we are good at?

Happiness of Being a Part of Whole

I realize I have been writing philosophical things a lot.I will resist my inner voice that says "Don't embarrass yourself by writing self righteous stuff," and continue writing. Reality will visibly appear the same to the every human eyes.If I am looking at a cat from exact same angle, our eyes will perceive it in… Continue reading Happiness of Being a Part of Whole

“The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

The lesson 2 of Positive Psychology class at the Penn State University World Campus started with these words: Did you know that the opposite of sadness is not happiness? The opposite of sadness is actually...the absence of sadness.What this means is that if you could get rid of everything that is making you sad, you… Continue reading “The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

Willful Blindness

http://embed.ted.com/talks/lang/ja/margaret_heffernan_the_dangers_of_willful_blindness.html As I listened to Margaret Heffernan's talk, I realized (1) it's easier for me to be serious than light, (2) I often choose to be willfully blind, (3) seafood sustainability issue that I am working on as a member of Packard Foundation project team is exactly this.  The team members are ordinary people.We just… Continue reading Willful Blindness

Making friend with yourself

Know thyself. It took me many, many years to know myself.I am 53, and I have just begun to know myself. Until I became a mother raising a child at age 27 everything I experienced was evaluated based on how I felt, whether it felt good for me, whether it was right for me. When… Continue reading Making friend with yourself