Making friend with yourself

Know thyself. It took me many, many years to know myself.I am 53, and I have just begun to know myself. Until I became a mother raising a child at age 27 everything I experienced was evaluated based on how I felt, whether it felt good for me, whether it was right for me. When… Continue reading Making friend with yourself



Learning a new language

One thing I can say for certain about being bilingual is how it enriched my life. Being able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese gives me access into Japanese and English speaking people's cultures, knowledge and opportunities. Because I did not consciously become bi-lingual, just a chance gift I received in my life,… Continue reading Learning a new language

Marketing And Marketing/Design Research Perspective on Japan as “Aged Society”

For some time, we heard the warning cries from critics and journalists about Japan's rapidly aging population. Well, it has happened. We are now "Aged" society.  Japan has more old people who are over 65 than young people who are under 14. Now what? Society is always changing, and it will now change following the… Continue reading Marketing And Marketing/Design Research Perspective on Japan as “Aged Society”

Free address (sometimes referred to as hot desking or non-territorial) office within althernative workplace strategy (AWS)

Since 1990’s, major companies in the United States have been implementing alternative workplace strategies (AWS), which is about how and where employees work. With advancement of information communication technologies (ICT), as long as data and information was accessible online and internal and external communication could be done in timely manner either virtually or physically anywhere,… Continue reading Free address (sometimes referred to as hot desking or non-territorial) office within althernative workplace strategy (AWS)

Outliers: The Story of Success

I have a habit of re-reading the books I find I like and worthwhile over and over again. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is one of those books. Gladwell talks about how sheer time one spends doing the thing she enjoys are directly tied with achievements and success tied to that activity. The example he used… Continue reading Outliers: The Story of Success

What to localize, what not to localize in Japan

According to the World Bank, population living in Japan in 2010 was 127.5 million. Although Japanese live in small space compared, by global standard, most has high standard of living. So many companies come from overseas trying to capture the market based on the demographics, and over the past 22 years, I have taken part… Continue reading What to localize, what not to localize in Japan


9年前にブログを書き始めた。このワークライフ・サイトだけではなく、他でも沢山の日本語と英語でエントリーを書いてきた。ウェブに存在する私が作ったデータ。私についてのデータ。文章、写真、ビデオ。アマゾンやマリオット・ホテルのサイトに行くと、私へのお勧めが沢山ある。9年以上のオンライン存在で、誰でも簡単に私の嗜好を知ることができる。 オンラインでは、9年以上前からこの瞬間までの私が同時に存在している。私の意識はここにあるけれど、ウェブでのみ私のことを知らない人にとっては、私はウェブの中にいる。歴史で語り継がれてきた英雄、悪人など有名人のみが経験した自分の体験している「今」以外に長く生きる(残る)ことを、今オンラインで何かをしている人は誰でも経験している。 そんなことを去年辺りから考えるようになったら、周りのオンライン・データに関する研究が目に付くようになった。特にエリザベス・チャーチルから教えてもらったhuman-computer interaction (HCI)の今年のワークショップには興味がある。どのような発展になるか楽しみだ。

Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

About 3 years ago, I found myself doing some SNS based PR work for my friends, and one project lead to another. It has been exciting and fun to be on this new ground, and like everything else before in my life, work came in not as result of formal education, but learning by reading… Continue reading Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

Update on affect of the great earthquake

Undercurrent would be something that Japanese over generation has been familiar with, which is surviving the natural disaster and rebuilding after great crisis. We are warned that another big earthquake is due, this time with epicenter of the quake even closer to Tokyo, but this time on the west side of it. We are still… Continue reading Update on affect of the great earthquake

Tipping in the US vs No tipping in Japan

It occurred to me that in blog, I can be casual, that there's no hard and fast rule. So maybe I'll loosen up a bit here. Some formal sounding stuff, but probably more, at least for a while, relaxed kind of writing for reading. I believe social psychology perspective is the root of the difference… Continue reading Tipping in the US vs No tipping in Japan