Reading on paper vs. online

It's been 5 days since I returned from the US, but I still have a jet lag.  I woke up and got out of bed at 3:50 am.  Before starting to work, I read online for nearly an hour about psychokinesis,  para-psychology, Dean Radin, Amazon customer reviews on Dean Radin's books, University of Pennsylvania.  At… Continue reading Reading on paper vs. online

User segmentation, profiling is dangerous

I've learned about Feargal Quinn's Crowning the Customer through reading Tom Peters blog a few years back.   It's a classic.  I read it over and over, and each time, I am inspired on different pages. What I was inspired this time was what Mr. Quinn wrote about "seeing customer as people".  He encouraged his workers… Continue reading User segmentation, profiling is dangerous

Starting up design essay project

14 years ago, I attended Yoshiko Sakurai’s seminar for small business audience. She said, when you read a book, have a pen or pencil in your hand, and underline the parts that means something to you. If you do that for 10 years, you will be standing here instead of me, giving seminar about the… Continue reading Starting up design essay project

Humans will be mostly manufactured

Maybe humanss will be manufactured, not born by year 2209. Look around now.  We seem to have already made the choice.  We are waiting for the technology to catch up.  Kids in advanced country planted in front of PC or gaming device or some sort of machine, because there aren't room for them to play… Continue reading Humans will be mostly manufactured

Use technology to communicate better

The title seem lame:  use technology to commuincate better.  I hear often that we already use too much technology and not enough face-to-face real life communicaiton. It seems many of us had enough of fragmented, tedius, limiting technology communicaiton in text messaging, both in forms of e-mail and homepages including blogs.  In the world of… Continue reading Use technology to communicate better

President of a major global company, president of a country

Watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's speech at UCLA for the inauguration of UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block, I started to think of the responsibilities of a president of a major global company and a president of a country.  Both are ultimately leaders who's action and decisions affects everyone within his/her company or country. Just as with a… Continue reading President of a major global company, president of a country

Understanding Ichiro’s words through American master coaches lessons

My friend and I were having lunch on March 24th, and she showed me that the World Baseball Classic final game was being played in Los Angeles as we were having our lunch in Tokyo.  During my teenage years, with an American step-father who loved to watch sports on TV, our family watched some kind… Continue reading Understanding Ichiro’s words through American master coaches lessons

The way Japanese executives think about company responsibility

I don't know what percentage of Japanese executives feel this way, but last week, I've heard it directly from the director of major Japanese companies, like I did from many Japanese executives before. We are responsible for providing livelihood for the citizens.  We have to think of ways to offer meaningful jobs for as many… Continue reading The way Japanese executives think about company responsibility

Why meet face to face? This year, more people than ever attend the World Economic Forum at Davos.  As this video asks:  Why attend?  We are now capable of sharing so much information virtually. It will probably take several generations, if ever, for the humans to become natural at virtual meetings.  In the recent seminar I organized about building… Continue reading Why meet face to face?

Astrology based on changed position of sun rising

Discovering this kind of thing is just so much fun! I mean, we could point out that what astrologers say are vague and also two astrological readings on same person would contradict each other, but that kind of argument would still leave a possibility of one or more astrologers in the world might be right.… Continue reading Astrology based on changed position of sun rising

What does productivity mean?

I noticed that I choose to write English entry when I feel like being philosophical or contemplative, and to write Japnese entry when I feel what I will write about will be pretty factual and not offensive to general public. Departing from Tokyo, I went with 2 of my clients to do some research work… Continue reading What does productivity mean?